Princess Yachts Menorca operates three warehouses located on the main Mahón industrial estate offering inside storage for boats, cars and other items. All our warehouses are secure, with no access by the general public, and are fitted with fire-fighting and prevention equipment.

If you intend to lay-up your boat for the winter then inside storage is considered the best option. Protection from outside weather and high humidity levels is essential and the proper winterisation of a boat’s engine, generator and other systems avoids issues when you come to use your boat again the following season. On entering storage your boat’s hull will be pressure-washed and all underwater gear cleaned. The boat will be then fully cleaned inside and out, with special care taken with items susceptible to deterioration such as fridges. Loose items like cushions are removed and access panels and cupboards opened for airing with dehumidifiers installed as necessary. Engines, generators and other systems are then winterised and monitored as necessary.

For cars, we can provide a storage only service or one that encompasses delivery and collection service, which means that your car can be waiting for you at the airport as you arrive or taken to your home. We also organise car cleaning and valeting, servicing and maintenance, and can assist with organising a car’s ITV, insurance etc.